Brokers open for business: covid-capable + isolation-enabled

Wow! What a week! 

We are working remotely and we are open, now and into the future and we’re here to help.Here are the facts: - It doesn’t matter if you’re an existing client or not. 

If it’s your mum, dad, sister, brother, friend or colleague that needs the guidance - we’re here!

- It doesn’t matter what kind and how much assistance you think you need

- If you simply need advice please get in contact now 

- please don’t suffer in silence

How can we help? 💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼🥳 

Firstly remember, brokers are free - our service is free! We are paid my the lenders to work for you.

Services include:

- Repricing you’re current home loan- Giving you the direction to take no matter what your circumstances are

- Consolidate your debt 

- A quick simple health check can give us the information to help alleviate any financial worries you may have

- Refinance your home loan, car loan or personal loan - don't pay the bank's loyalty tax!

- Insurance - if you’re unsure about your financial or health situation we have cover that might work for you

The list is endless, fundamentally, let us do our job.We look forward to meeting you, making new friends and creating new opportunities out of all of this mayhem.

As always, look after yourself, be kind and remember that we’re all in this together whether you’re in Geelong, the Surf Coast, the Bellarine and beyond (remember, we work remotely so it really doesn’t matter where you are). 

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