Sore Feet and Dirty Socks

By Dion Seminara

I recently met a couple at a social function who are in the process of building a new home. We got to talking and they asked me what I did, I explained to them that I am an architect. The couple then started talking about how disappointed they are with the design of their home, which was already half built. When I asked who designed it they explained that they had chosen a builder and then used the drafts person that the builder recommended.

Why did you ask your builder?' I questioned.
We didn't really ask him, they replied. He just recommended his drafts person out of the blue.
We thought the drafts person would do a good job, and we didn't think that our project warranted the talents of an architect, they added.

Why Builders Recommend Drafts People
This story is unfortunately not uncommon. It's also unfortunate that many people fall into this trap. Often the reason builders will recommend a drafts person is because they know the drafts person will listen to their directions. Oftenbuilders haven'tthought about your lifestyle needs andmay not beoverly interested in things like livability andsustainability. They simply want to build you a house in the most cost effective way that they can.

In effect the builder can almost be seen to have a conflict of interest. They want to build your home as quickly as possible so they can move onto the next project. A simple box' design is easy, and therefore quick, to build. But chances are a basic box' design is not going to suit your needs.

Sore Feet and Dirty socks
Whether you're building a new home, or renovating an existing home, there is an order in which you need to do things to ensure the best results. Think of it this way, you wouldn't put your shoes on before your socks. Whilst you could walk this way you would ultimately end up with sore feet and dirty socks. Realising this, people put their socks on first and then their shoes. That's because socks then shoes' is the correct order in which footwear should be worn.

Similarly there is a correct order in which you should undertake any building project and the very first step is to have your new home or renovation professionally designed. By using someone who has no vested interest in the building of your home, you increase your chances of getting a home design that suits your lifestyle needs.

Once the design has been completed, then it's time to find a suitable builder. By having detailed plans already created, you are now in a position to get quotes from a number of builders. Each builder will be quoting on the same design, the same materials and the same specifications. You don't need to compromise at all on livability, as each builder must quote on your ideal home.

I would recommend not talking to anybuilders until the design of your perfect home or renovation has been completed. Even if the builder is a family friendI would still recommendhaving your home professionally designed by an architect.

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