Business putting finances before fashion joins Loan Market Group BYOB model

Melbourne-based Property Before Prada has brought its unique broking and financial education business to Loan Market Group via the aggregator’s new ‘Bring Your Own Brand’ (BYOB) offering.

Combining personalised customer service with popular finance education masterclasses, Property Before Prada has developed a strong profile, offline and online, up and down Australia’s east coast.

For Director Katherine Persoglia, maintaining her brand was critical after 17 years in the industry. As her company’s name states, Property Before Prada has established a niche brand proposition educating clients on the value of saving over spending.

“I’m a big believer in setting yourself up financially before lavishing yourself in luxuries,” she said. 

“The value of savings has diminished in the era of social media, where everything is about keeping up appearances with the latest designer handbags, shoes and falling victim to comparisons. Young women are putting themselves in debt through depreciating purchases.  Young men aren’t immune from spending either: their focus is on different things, like going out”.

“After the last 21 years investing in property, I’ve learnt how you can have the property and the Prada, but only by approaching them in that order.”

Property Before Prada’s finance masterclasses sell out around Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Through the 10 module courses, participants walk away with strategies, specifically addressing their own situations, that prepare them for a deposit or loan application.

Loan Market Executive Chairman Sam White welcomed Property Before Prada to Loan Market Group.

“Katherine has tapped into a niche, contemporary marketplace. She’s completely focused on the customer and their needs, and providing a high level of client education which perfectly aligns with our values,” he said.

“Katherine has recognised how she can take her business to the next level with our tech, systems, automation and business growth support and I look forward to seeing how she and her customers benefit through our BYOB offering.” 

Ms Persoglia said: “The back-end support is what I needed. I’m a broker that wants to support my clients, and the technology that Loan Market Group has developed, like the Online Fact Find, allows me to save time so I can do what I do best - have face-to-face contact with my clients.”

Ms Persoglia said Concierge, Loan Market’s ‘moving’ service, Home Now, Loan Market’s utility connection service and financial specialist arm, Wealth Market, were also important to continue to offer more value to her clients. 

She said tapping into a wealth of network knowledge was also appealing.

“The other night, my BDM was caught up doing something, so I put a question out through Loan Market’s broker messaging channel and received about 10 responses in less than an hour. Knowing you can call on that level of expertise, so quickly, is really inspiring.”    

Property Before Prada is the 22nd business to join Loan Market Group’s BYOB model along with 

other top businesses including Entourage Finance, Green Finance Group, Clarendon Homes, Pitcher Partners, and many more.