Car finance for your business

Car finance for self employed applicants can be an uncomfortable topic without sound advice. The terms Chattel Mortgage, Commercial Hire Purchase, Finance Lease, Consumer Lease, Novated Lease, Balloon, residual can all be very confusing and its hard to decipher what relates to what when discussing these topics. Even more importantly, it can be a difference of thousands of dollars if you pick the wrong type of finance to purchase a motor vehicle for your business.

We work closely with your accountant and other trusted advisers to ensure you are receiving the most suitable terms for your car finance. This includes product type, lender, and balloon payment options. Did you know it is possible to claim the GST on your car purchase and pay that as a lump sum off your loan facility?

We are only a phone call away on 4297 5859 and it could save you thousands of dollars. We hope to hear from you soon

Lee Harvey