Case Study: High Consumer Debts

Mark and Tracy (not their real names) were a hard working couple with two children. Mark worked as a Fly in Fly out worker in regional WA. Tracy worked part time whilst caring for the children.

Leading a busy life, the couple inadvertently started racking up their credit cards to the limit. They planned to pay them off when Mark’s bonus from work was paid…. It didn't happened. The credit cards remained at their limits and the monthly repayments barely covered the interest charges. The couple were on good income getting nowhere fast.

When the couple decided to buy a new car, a friend suggested they see me rather than go straight to the bank. As part of the interview process, I looked at the couple’s overall financial position and knew I could help much more than just providing finance for the vehicle. I performed a Structural Finance Review which resulted in:


Our office regularly finds huge savings like this for our clients.

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