Close Circle of Friends

The Importance of Not Going it Alone!

It was not until someone told me "Get over yourself" that I released the importance of a close circle of Friends.

It is Human nature to believe your way is right and no-one else can do it better. GET OVER YOURSELF, it is not smart to go it alone. It does not matter if you are looking for a loan, investing in property, sorting out cash flows, you will need assistance if you want to reduce the risk.

Rules changes, new products are available, goals posts will always get moved. Having the help or shoulders to lean on provides peace of mind as well as reducing risk. Just like wanting a good Doctor or Dentist, you also need Financial Planner, Accountant, Insurance Broker, Legal Advise and definitely a Mortgage Broker.

You would not go to the Doctor just because he offers a cheap rate, so why Gamble your future Wealth with the same attitude?