Credit repair no silver bullet, but better than the alternative

I’ve been working in credit repair for seven years, and let me tell you: it isn’t perfect.

Sometimes a client’s listing is removed quickly and everyone is happy. But sometimes we can’t help people. It’s as simple as that. And the client and broker are sorely disappointed.

Sometimes credit repair takes longer than expected (and sometimes it’s much shorter) and at the end of a long investigation that has been through the credit provider’s complaints system, and the Ombudsman’s complaints system, the answer is no, we cannot remove the listing – it was correctly placed.
Our longest case has run for two years and ended with a four-way conversation between the Ombudsman, our client, our advocate and a representative of the credit provider. Despite the length of the case, we didn’t charge an extra cent. In this case we got a yes, but sometimes even after all that work we get a no. In those cases, at least we know we did everything we could for the client.
Sometimes after a long and difficult investigation, we get the listing removed but the client is annoyed by the time it took and they missed out on the house they had fallen in love with. Sometimes in these cases the client says “I am not paying you” even when we have worked on the case, for months. That’s one of the emotionally hard things to deal with as an advocate.
It’s a very human experience.