Cultural change needed for broker/agent relationships

After 16 years leading Ray White Queensland, Peter Camphin joined Loan Market as Queensland’s state director with a clear ambition: to bring the two businesses together.

Since Mr Camphin joined the mortgage broking franchise less than a year ago, Loan Market Queensland has doubled the volume of residential mortgages it settles through Ray White, with 30 per cent of the state’s monthly settlements generated through a Ray White office.

“It’s great to see improvement in the past year, but we’re determined to see that number continue to grow - there’s a lot of hard work ahead of us.”

As Mr Camphin explains, the Ray White and Loan Market businesses have an exclusive opportunity to create a better experience for consumers.

“Property and finance are linked and when brokers and agents work together they have far more control over the sales process.

“We have an opportunity - through Ray White and Loan Market - to create a full service agency that provides a better experience for clients, but what has to happen first is a cultural change. And to do that, it’s an educational process on both sides,” Mr Camphin explains.

Part of this education is Mr Camphin’s “Ray White ready” training sessions that provides brokers with tools and techniques to integrate successfully with a Ray White office. On the flip side, Mr Camphin spends a lot of time with agents discussing how a broker adds value to the business and the overall client experience.

“We’re not solely focussed on sales either. In Queensland we have 40,000 properties that Ray White manage. Looking after our landlords, we need to find them the best return and we can contribute to that by saving them money on their big expenses and often, their biggest expense is their home loan,” Mr Camphin said.

Acknowledging that it’s a big task, Mr Camphin says the first step is the change in behaviour.

“Our primary goal is to see the behaviour among agents and brokers shift and we’re seeing that happen; we’ve turned the steering wheel and the vehicle is starting to swing in the right direction.