Think you can't buy peace of mind? Think again.

by Defence Housing Australia (DHA)

When you invest with Defence Housing Australia (DHA), an Australian Government Business Enterprise, you get more than just bricks and mortar. What other property investment matches the security of our long term lease and guaranteed rental income ? Plus a single fee for property management and maintenance means you can relax knowing your investment is in safe hands.

DHA is currently experiencing high levels of demand for its properties. Low interest rates, the resilience of the Australian residential property market and the relative security DHA offers in comparison to other assets, are contributing factors to this current popularity.

Click here to view properties listed for sale. Properties marked as ‘on hold’ are reserved for investors for a brief period of time while the sales process is completed. These properties are listed for a period of time to show prospective investors the type, quality and range of stock DHA offers.

More than just bricks and mortarwhy are investors attracted to DHA?

DHA’s lease is unique in that it aims to overcome many of the risks and worries associated with conventional residential property investment. Benefits include:

The security of a long-term lease with rent paid from the date of settlement until the end of the lease. For a single fee, DHA looks after all property management (including inspections and reporting) and most maintenance and non-structural repairs. DHA offers a range of property types, prices and locations. Allowing investors to diversify their property investment portfolios and take advantage of stamp duty and land tax opportunities in different states.

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