Discharged Bankrupt, Unpaid Defaults? You have options

You've been through a tough time, you've missed some bills, had defaults listed against your name or you've had no other way out and have declared bankrupt. Your situation has completely changed, you're on top but can't find a lender that will help, they're all claiming you're too much of a risk. They're not all scared to work with you though.

Paid or Unpaid Defaults

They happen for numerous reasons. What matters is you are past that stage in your life where that happens and know the way forward and know you can afford a loan. A lot of banks don't like defaults, some will accept small ones that have been paid others will turn their nose at you within the blink of an eye. The key is to tell the story about what happened and why. Marriage breakdowns are a common one. Sometimes you just found yourself in a hard place, things piled up.

Discharged Bankruptcy

This one is a bit harder to work around, but not impossible. I have at least 5 different lenders we can work to place you with. They understand the hardship and are willing to help you rebuild. You're not going to get a beautiful interest rate, there's only one I can think of that will let you build a new home, it's a hard slog to start out but as you improve your credit worthiness other lenders will come to the party. Most of the lending options in this category are to get you back on your feet and uild your credit worthiness back up.

I am able to assist you back in to the housing market provided you're in stable employment, you have been discharged from bankruptcy or if you can justify defaults against your credit score we can even work with mainstream lenders to get you in to a good loan product even when your circumstances wouldn't normally permit it.