Disillussioned with your current financial structure?

Mr and Mrs Shannon approached their lender of 15 years to request a top up of their current loan to purchase a new vehicle and provide funds for landscaping their house. Mr and Mrs Shannon had always been on time with their loan repayments, had plenty of equity in their property and no other personal debts.

Mr and Mrs Shannon were advised by their lender the branch no longer take the applications and to apply online via their internet banking.

They did as they were advised and were not contacted by the lender. Many phone calls on, ten days later and after much frustration the clients gave up on their lender and rang our office.

We offered them a reduced rate, a quick refinance to give them their money for the car purchase and landscaping and a saving of $167 per month as a bonus. The whole process took a few weeks from us receiving the documents from the clients and we have raving fans. IS YOUR LENDER LOOKING AFTER YOUR INTERESTS? PM our Facebook page if you would like a confidential financial strategy discussion to see how we can help you.