Does That Dream House Really Tick All The Right Boxes?

Finding a good property to buy can take time, so when you think you’ve stumbled across your dream home at last, it’s natural that euphoria can set in.

How much deposit do I need for a home loan, you say. Where do I sign?

Of course, you’re right to be excited, but as this is such an important decision, remember to keep your feet on the ground and make sure the place ticks all your boxes.

Put together a checklist and make it comprehensive!

You’ll want to look for and enquire about the condition of the house - is what you see what you get?

Defects like cracks or dampness in walls, badly maintained plumbing or electrical wiring and alterations that do not appear on the plan could lead to problems in the future.

Have a good look at the neighbourhood too. How much sunlight does the house get? Is it on a busy street? How close are shops, transport routes and other facilities?

These and many other factors may well be important to you, so don’t forget to see how a house measures up - no matter how much you fall in love at first sight.

That way you are less likely to wake up from your dream one day to a nasty nightmare!

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