Loan Market Donating Two Executives to Charity Sleepout

The upcoming Vinnies CEO Sleepout held on 20 June will feature two executives from Loan Market, who normally help Australians into homes by finding finance, but will sleep on the streets for one night to help the less fortunate in Australia find a home.

The annual event will see the two executives spend a night sleeping on the street after a two-month long campaign where they will drive donations through their business and communities.

Loan Market CEO Sam White, who is participating in the event for the second consecutive year said the 2013 Sleepout could have a far reaching impact on the estimated 100,000 homeless Australians.

“If just 100 of the CEOs in this event raise the awareness of this cause and collect donations from 100 people in their vast networks, we’ve got a force of people greater than the number of homeless in Australia,” Mr White said.

Loan Market Director of Sales, Mark De Martino said that there is a misconception out there that homelessness is self-inflicted.

According to Homelessness Australia, homelessness is a multi-faceted problem and affects different groups of people in diverse ways.

“Homeless can happen to anyone and at Loan Market we thought it was fitting for a brokerage that helps Australians into their dream homes to support a cause like homelessness,” said Mr De Martino.

Of the estimated 105,000 homeless, 56 per cent are male and 44 per cent are female. It’s also estimate that thirty-nine per cent were living in what was considered a “severely overcrowded dwelling”.

“The core of our business is to help people get into homes and with over 100,000 people homeless every night as a company we have a responsibility to raise awareness. The CEO Sleepout is a fantastic way to raise funds for an important cause and also to raise awareness throughout the communities of our 500-strong broker team,” said Mr White.

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