End Of Financial Year Car Deals - Don't get burnt!

With the end of the financial year fast approaching there are plenty of great car deals on offer. While it may be a great time of year to purchase a car for the added tax benefits, you need to be careful about the deal you are offered.

If you think you've found the deal of the century why not put it to the test? We work alongside Vehicle Select, which is a team of car buying specialists who can provide a wide range of benefits. They'll work with you to find, compare and save on your next new car. They have saved customers thousands of dollars, as well as time and effort.

So how does it work?

Vehicle Select has access competitive pricing on all makes and models through their comprehensive dealer network.

Step 1 - Tell us the details of the car you’re after and your price range – then let Vehicle Select do the rest.

THAT'S IT! If they can't beat the deal you've received from the dealership then you know you really have got the deal of the century and you can buy it with confidence. If not, you've just saved yourself time and money.

Other benefits include:

  • No deposit needed to secure your order.
  • Access to all makes and models.
  • Full tank of fuel on delivery.
  • New vehicle delivery TO YOUR DOOR!

Interested or want some more information? Give me a call on 0401 157 601