End of year bucket list

December brings with it some exciting times with Christmas and a well-deserved break just weeks away. Midst trying to finish projects before the year ends and getting those last minute holiday preparations ready, it’s easy to forget about your yearly bucket list. We’ve put together some errands to run before saying goodbye to 2016.

Request your credit report

Everyone’s entitled to one FREE credit report per year. This is a great way to find out what your credit file looks like before making further financial decisions. Make sure you allow between 12-14 business days to receive it. Different credit report websites can be found by doing a Google search.

Donate to a charity

Gather any items that you don’t use anymore such as clothes and shoes or tins of non-perishable foods and give them to shelters or organisations that help others in need. You can also donate money to a charity of choice. This will both help someone else and make you feel good about giving.

Make an appointment with your health practitioners

Schedule an appointment with the doctor, dentist and optometrist to ensure your health is in check for the new year. Medical appointments are often pushed to the back of the priority list but taking the time to attend these can save health problems and money in the long run.

Set financial goals

No time like the end-of-a-calendar-year to start organising your finances for the new year. Whether you’re planning to buy a new car, saving for a house deposit or just want to have some extra cash flow, having a plan in place will help you achieve your goals sooner. Make realistic goals and write them down as well as when you’d want to achieve them. Sticking to the goals you’ve set out can be tricky, but when you see them come to fruition, you’ll be thankful you did. A mortgage broker can talk you through the different financial options available to you and advise you on the right decision for your circumstances, while doing all the leg-work for you.