Extra Costs To Remember When Buying A Property

Once home loans are sorted and you have bought your house, the process of homebuying can still throw up further costs.

So plan in advance so that you aren’t caught unawares!


Once you have bought a house, you will need to get all your things there somehow. If you can get family and friends to pitch in with a helping hand and a vehicle or two, you might be able to do it all for the price of lunch.

If not, you will probably need to pay for movers. Additional costs to consider include transit insurance and packing materials if you don’t already have these.

Utilities connections

When you buy a house, batteries aren’t included. You will need to organise for electricity, gas, water, phonelines and internet, as well as subscription TV, to be connected - depending on your circumstances.

Rates/Strata Fees

Once you have moved in, your mortgage repayment won’t be the only expense to remind you of your house purchase.

You will need to pay rates to your local council, and these will vary depending on your area.

If you have purchased an apartment, you will be liable to pay strata fees which contribute to the upkeep of shared areas in your complex.

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