February Rates Macquarie

Hi all,

This was emailed to me from Macquarie Bank 23rd February. It may help when thinking, wow rates are changing fast, what should I expect. This will provide a guide of some of the rates that are available today.

It’s difficult to keep track of all the pricing discounts so I have sent you the pricing that I can currently offer you.

These are for the discounted variable rates only (not the fixed or the flyer). Please note for Line of credit, rates are 10bps higher than below.

  • Basic – no annual fee, no cost redraw
  • Offset - $398 annual fee, no cost redraw (if no credit card $199)
  • LOC - $398 annual fee, no cost redraw (if no credit card $199)

Please email me so I can approve the pricing request. For large loans above 1.5m I may be able to reduce these rates further however you will need to discuss this with me.

Loan LVR 70% 80% 90% 95%
Up to $499k 4.59 4.64 4.74 4.84
Up to $749k 4.49(-5bps) 4.54(-5bps) 4.64(-5bps) 4.79
Up to $1499k 4.39(-10bps) 4.44(-10bps) 4.54(-10bps) -
1.500k + 4.34(-10bps) 4.39(-10bps) - -