FHB and self-employed loan specialist links with Loan Market

First Home Buyer and self-employed loan specialist Rebecca Hudson has found a ‘natural progression’ in her new career as a Franchise Owner with Loan Market in Sydney.

With a background in credit unions and an extended period at RAMS - where she spent time as both a franchisee and leading a credit assessment team in the Corporate division - Ms Hudson said her decision to join Loan Market was in keeping with her commitment to customer values. 

“Having started off my financial career in the credit union sector, working amongst a member-based community,  Loan Market is a natural progression in the values I hold closely: good service and doing the right thing by customers,” said Ms Hudson.

“Loan Market has a real commitment to enabling brokers to provide excellent customer service. Client service is going to be the real differentiator amongst brokers in the marketplace in the immediate and long-term future and I’ve been very impressed in how Loan Market supports that.”

Ms Hudson’s experience in credit assessment led to her becoming a sought-after specialist for customers with complex income structures, including the self-employed.

“Especially over the last two years, self-employed borrowers have faced real obstacles in getting home loan approval, however I really enjoy the challenge of finding the most appropriate solutions.  

“There’s no such thing as a tick and flick application anymore, and that’s where brokers can really display their value to customers.

“I find the same reward with First Home Buyers. Within the application process, it’s common for them, being new to the process, to ask me the same question more than once, and I welcome that - they should never be afraid to go over details with me.

“After all, the process is entirely new for them (FHBs) and you don’t get a second chance in buying property.”

Ms Hudson said Loan Market’s technical tools enabled her to streamline the process for time-intensive applications.

“I’m self-employed myself, so I have a real affinity with self-employed people and the challenges they face. With Loan Market’s digital tools, such as the Online Fact Find, the lender panel on MyCRM and E-Sign, I spend less time coordinating the administrative tasks of the application and more time understanding their unique needs.

“I have so much more time working with the customers in meaningful relationships.”