How to Find the Perfect Home for Your Family

If you have a young family, buying a house isn’t just about looking for a place you like and can afford based on your borrowing capacity - it’s about finding the backdrop to your kids’ childhood.

Here are some things to bear in mind when looking for the place your children will call home!

School zones

Your kids may not be old enough to go to school yet, but that’s no reason not to start planning where they might go.

That’s why school zones should be top of the list when considering where to live. Finding out about local schools can help you zero in on areas you would most like to buy in.

Parks and recreation

Kids have boundless energy and you don’t want to keep them cooped up in the house all day!

You might want to look for a place that is close to a park - or a beach! Also have a look for bike lanes and other kid-friendly infrastructure.


If you find a home you really like, take a walk around the neighbourhood on a weekend to get a sense of how safe it feels.

It can be a good sign to see other young families living in the area.

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