Fire Up The BBQ This Summer

Everyone loves a good summer barbeque, but there are ways to make barbequed food tastier and better for you.

Meat cooked on a BBQ can increase the risk of carcinogenic chemicals forming inside the muscle of the meat. This is most likely when the meat is grilled slowly over a flat plate.

The Aussie barbeque is an integral part of our culture. So if you enjoy a barbeque this summer try some of our healthier ideas. To reduce the risk and still enjoy the many other benefits of healthy outdoor barbequing follow these tips:

  • Always check you have enough fuel for the BBQ and ensure the plate is as hot as possible
  • Pre-cook the meat and finish it off on the grill. Sausages can be part boiled
  • Trim any fat off the meat to prevent it splashing onto the coals and creating naked flames and singed eyebrows
  • Avoid cooking directly over coals and flames - if using coals allow 2 hours before cooking for the coals to heat up
  • Grill fish and veggies in foil, this will lock in the flavours for a nice summerbarbecue

Using an electric grill instead of the barbeque is also beneficial, as there is usually a special tray to drain off dripping fat. Although it doesn’t impart such a smoky flavour as barbequing, the food is healthier and just as delicious.

Next time you plan a barbeque, you can also try some veggie skewers and seafood, everyone loves a festive seafood barbeque and with so much choice you can be sure to keep everyone one happy.

There are hundreds of options from BBQ prawns to fish fillets, typically cheaper, but just as delicious. Sprinkle lime juice, Cajun seasoning, and a little olive oil over the fish then wrap it in foil to cook on the hotplate for 10 - 15 minutes, depending on the size of the fillets. Wrapping in foil is healthier, keeps the fish moist and protects it from any meat you may be cooking at the same time.

Vegetarian kebabs are lovely on the BBQ also, choose vegetables that hold their shape like capsicum, spanish onion, button mushrooms and zucchini. Haloumi cheese marinated with these other vegetables threaded through kebab sticks is delicious and guaranteed to be enjoyed by even the fussiest of eaters - meat eaters included.

Summer is always a good time to fire up the barbeque and cook some great BBQ foods and maybe next time you have your friends around you can try some of our healthy BBQ tips.

Judy Davie