First Home Buyers: When to be Competitive

Many of us naturally enjoy coming first and often find this competitive streak creeping into all aspects of our lives.

Has anyone ever said to you: “It’s not a race, you know?”

So what about when buying a home? Should first home buyers engage their competitive instincts or is patience a virtue in the property world as well?

Like anything, the answer isn’t black or white, but decidedly greyish in tone!

Patience is critical when looking for the perfect property because it may well be some time before you find the right combination of factors that suit you best.

Even once you do find a place that ticks all your boxes, it is important to keep it cool as you’re not home and hosed yet and probably not alone in your enthusiasms.

This is when to get competitive! You need to get ahead of the pack of other buyers and convince sellers that you are the one.

One of the best ways of getting that boost to take you over the finish line is to get your home finance sorted quickly - speed is to your advantage!

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