Leadership lessons: five things our Elite brokers have in common

“Elite brokers either have good attention to detail or surround themselves with people who do.”

After 22 years at the helm, Loan Market chairman, Sam White, has seen more than his fair share of elite brokers. What’s struck him most is that the most successful ones tend to share some characteristics.

As Sam said: “It’s not a coincidence that our top brokers all have certain traits in common.”

So, what are these traits, and why do they translate to success? We let Sam explain.

A strong work ethic

“I’ve never met an elite broker who doesn’t work hard. They are disciplined in their business systems and establish real efficiencies in what they do day-to-day.”

A focus on the customer

“The most successful brokers have a strong focus on their clients and work to make sure each customer turns into a true fan - they find opportunity everywhere to generate more business.”

A skilled support team

“Typically high performing brokers have a high performance team. Staff are highly skilled and hyper productive in their area, meaning the broker can get back to business.”

Solid relationships

“Elite brokers have good relationships with their lender partners. And they use those relationships to seek good outcomes for their customers.”

A commitment to learning

“I find the more curious a broker is, the more successful they are. Our elite brokers are focussed on finding ways to improve. They learn from each other and they’re always looking for new ideas.”