Former Loan Market broker returns to Group

Award-winning aggregator Loan Market’s digital advancements have enticed former broker Paul Pantazopoulos back to the network.

Formerly with Loan Market for three years, Mr Pantazopoulos has returned after spending nine months operating under PLAN Australia. When his partnership arrangements changed, he began exploring network offerings.

The Melbourne-based broker noticed Loan Market’s offering had changed noticeably in his short period away. Specifically, the brand’s tech enhancements proved the decisive factor in his return.

“Over that nine months I’d seen a massive shift in the development of MyCRM (Loan Market’s bespoke CRM platform) which lightened the administration process in preparing and developing loan applications,” said Mr Pantazopoulos.

“In the past, I’ve had clients say to me, ‘Can’t I just do this (hand over data) online?’

“In these days, you don’t want to make the process any harder than it needs to be, so having convenient tools like Loan Market’s Online Fact Find brings ease and efficiency to the process with clients.”

Mr Pantazopoulos said the support of an aggregator benefited personal branding.

“I think the direction that (Executive Chairman) Sam White is taking with the company - creating a new digital offerings and allowing brokers to focus on valuable engagements - is really promising.”

Loan Market’s National Network Growth Manager Suzi Trajanovski welcomed Mr Pantazopoulos back to the network.

“It’s uncommon to welcome a broker back to a network, but we’re very pleased to have someone of Paul’s knowledge and professionalism return to Loan Market,” said Ms Trajanovski.

“Paul’s return illustrates the advancements that are happening at Loan Market and the pace at which we’re delivering them. We’re honouring our commitment to keep Loan Market brokers best prepared to answer the changing demands of consumers by bringing new online tools to the market that benefit the customer-broker relationship.”

To discuss your lending needs, contact Mr Pantazopoulos today on 0408 807 880.