Leadership lessons: four things our chairman has learnt along the way

“Sometimes you have to make decisions that are expensive in the short-term but worthwhile for the long-term.”

Whether it’s owning a business or working within one, we all crave to be leaders in our field. Loan Market chairman, Sam White, is passionate about learning. His belief in a continued commitment to learning is seen in everything he does.

It’s why he hosts leadership workshops with a Harvard Business professor for brokers. It’s why Loan Market’s top performers go on study tours each year, and why each state hosts educational retreats for everyone to attend.

We sat down with Sam and asked him what his greatest lessons in leadership have been. He highlighted four things.

The right people.

“Finding the right people is critical for everybody. Whether you’re part of a team or leading a business; have a clear communication and development plan. I look for opportunities to develop everywhere - for myself and my team.”

You can’t over communicate.

“Just because you have said it once doesn’t mean people have heard it. When I’m communicating with my team, it’s not unusual for me to say things 10 times to drive a message home. This is particularly true when eliciting change within the business.”

Talk is cheap.

“It’s easy to underestimate the impact your actions can have. People want to see you doing what you say you’re going to do. If your words don’t match your actions you risk your team losing faith in you as a leader. Consistency in doing what I say is something that’s really important to me.”

If you think you have a problem you probably do.

“I’ve been surprised in the past by how many people have seen a problem that I haven’t seen. Listen to your people - you can’t have visibility over everything, all the time. Issues don’t generally solve themselves; the sooner you deal with them the better.”