How To Get The Most Out Of Open Homes

Some people might enjoy visiting open homes out of sheer curiosity, but for first home buyers they will be a crucial part of the buying process.

This is because nothing compares to being able to explore a house yourself and get a feel for the space - not so easy when looking at an online listing!

Visiting many different open homes will give first time buyers a sense of different house layouts and styles and more points for comparison than are found in a condensed list of attributes.

What’s more, actually going to visit a house lets you find out about the neighbourhood, the other houses in the area and the general feel of the street.

You can also ask a real estate agent for useful information, such as whether they have had any offers, how long the property has been on the market and what the costs of general maintenance are.

Perhaps the best part about visiting open homes is how fun it can be. Making a day of it and visiting several places can be very worthwhile, and not just as a basis for comparison.

It just may be that you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for until you walk through the front door of your future dream home!

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