Get Your Home Ready to Sell

With the spring selling season just around the corner, many home owners may well be thinking about getting their houses ready to go on the market.

Some will have specific ideas about what they need to do to get ready for selling.

Others may be wondering how best to prepare for the discerning eye of prospective buyers.

A few months up your sleeve is a great asset. Why not devote some spare time to really getting your home up to scratch and looking its best?

Here are some ideas to get you started.

How does it look from the street?

First impressions count. They are particularly important when selling property.

While most value-seeking buyers will know that it is a mistake to judge a book by its cover, how a house looks from the street always has a big effect on the overall impression it creates.

Take a look at yours from out on the footpath. Give it a rating out of ten based on appearance. Now rate your neighbours and other houses on your street.

See how yours compares. Ideally you want to be the best looking house on the block, or at the very least amongst the best.

Could giving some attention to the front of your house or your front garden area help you achieve this?

Where are you on the clutter scale?

It is important to remember that when selling your home you aren't just selling a house - you're selling a lifestyle too.

This is your opportunity to show potential buyers what life could be like for them if they were to buy your home.

It will be easier for them to imagine themselves living in a house if it is clean and free from clutter.

You may suppose this is easily done in a spare weekend ahead of an open home, yet it could take more time and effort than you think.

Better to get onto the job of freeing your house of clutter ahead of time.

Do you need bigger renovations?

Perhaps you have a bigger project you'd like to complete before putting your house on the market.

Home owners may often think how great life would be with a kitchen upgrade or a new deck in the backyard, and such projects can also add real value in the eyes of buyers.

Some projects can have decent price tags attached, but it may be possible to finance them by rejigging your home loan.

For instance, with a line of credit home equity loan you would be able to draw up to a set amount to pay for renovations or repairs to your property.