Getting the best rate in a competitive market

Whether your looking at making the switch or just getting a better rate from your existing lender it is really important to talk to your local broker.

Yesterday i was talking with a couple in Kawana about how happy they were with their home loan, they mentioned if their bank had called and offered a better rate or review they would not have made an appointment to meet with me. I think it is important to meet with a broker anyway, how else will you know if the rate your really getting and the fees and charges are the best for you or just the best the bank can offer.

We ordered a request to amend their rate and initiated a 0.30% percent discount initially whilst they discussed options, investments and making the big change. We can do this for all the clients we see and most of the time it is set in place without any forms, fees or time delays....let us show you how you can do this....