How To Give Your Home A Pre-Sale Makeover

If you’ve decided to sell your house and upgrade to a better property, your borrowing capacity will depend a lot on your home’s selling price.

So it’s natural that you would want to sell for as much as you can!

Here are some cheap and easy ways to increase your home’s value in the eyes of potential buyers:

Lighten up!

The simple act of brightening your rooms up can revitalise your house.

Consider painting walls a lighter shade, hanging mirrors, strategically locating lamps for maximum effect and replacing old light bulbs.

Go green!

Plants aren’t just meant for outdoors, you know. Literally bring some life into your house by having some tasteful pot plants in areas by the front door, on the dining table and on the kitchen counter.

No pane no gain!

Your windows are your best friends when it comes to not only brilliant natural light but also making your rooms feel spacious.

So make sure they aren’t obstructed by cumbersome drapes or blinds or other nick-nacks on windowsills.

If you want to know more ways to boost your borrowing power when it comes time to buy a second home, talk to a mortgage expert about your options.

To get more detailed information on your situation, talk to a Loan Market mortgage broker today.