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Tuesday 13 April

New & Reduced Rates available now.

New 2 Year Fixed Rates ≤70% LVR


  • Applies to new fixed rate home loans
  • Maximum interest only term available up to five years
  • Existing customers who wish to take advantage of the new fixed rate to fix all or a portion of their existing variable rate loan, will also be able to access the new rate from Tuesday 13 April 2021.

Pipeline applications for new fixed interest rate home loans

The fixed interest rate applied to pipeline applications will be the fixed rate in effect at the time of settlement, except where Lock Rate applies.

If Lock Rate applies, the loan will settle at the fixed interest rate on the date the application was lodged.

Lock Rate
Lock Rate can give your customers fixed-rate certainty for 90 days from the date the application is submitted. A Lock Rate fee of $395 applies where the Lock Rate option is requested. For more details, please refer to the Lock Rate Authority Form.

Variable rate changes

View the full rate card here

Friday 26 March

Introducing Go Edge

The name might be changing, but the service and turnaround times you know and love aren’t! Go Edge, previously known as Loan Market Go, offers you and your customers a range of straight-forward products with all the essential features you need, and none that you don’t. With the rebrand comes sharp new rates, plus, extra security that you’re staying BID-safe when using Go Edge (with no correlation to Loan Market).

Monday 22 February

Resuming face-to-face customer identification collection

Understanding and verifying who our customers are is a critical part of meeting our regulatory obligations.

We’re simplifying the process and aligning Know Your Customer (KYC) and Verification of Identity (VOI) requirements, and providing you and your customers with more ways to complete these processes.

This change means you can now identify your customer using your preferred option:

  1. sighting and copying the customer’s ID in person
  2. IDyou in person
  3. ZipID in person
  4. IDyou Remote
  5. Australia Post

Face to face in-person interviews
Meeting with a customer face-to-face? If you’re seeing their ID in person, we’ll now accept the collection of one form of photographic ID (that reflects the customer’s full legal name) to verify their identity.

Acceptable forms of photographic ID are:

  • Australian Passport (valid or expired within last two years)
  • Australian Driver Licence (must not be expired)
  • Foreign Passport (must not be expired)
  • Proof of Age card (must be government issued, must not be expired, or if no expiry date present, then must be less than 10 years from issue date).

Note: The above forms of identification must reflect the customer’s full legal name and either their date of birth or current residential address.

Lodgement system update
To accommodate this change, you’ll now be able to select the Face to Face Identity check option in ApplyOnline under Identification Documents.

When this option is selected, you’ll only be required to record one photographic ID.

Please ensure you carefully read and complete the Broker Attestation in relation to ID capture and collection when prompted. It is important you have satisfied each certification listed in the attestation before you sign it.

IDyou and ZipID

  • If you‘re using in-person collection of identification document(s), then the use of an app (IDyou or ZipID) is no longer mandatory. However, you may continue to use these apps for in-person verification. There is no change to the ID documentation required to be produced in the app, being:
  • two forms of photographic ID, or
  • one form of photographic ID plus two forms of non-photographic ID as set out in the ID categories set by ARNECC

IDyou Remote

If you're conducting a video interview with your customer and you cannot sight their original documents in person, you can use IDyou Remote to collect Customer identification for VOI and KYC.

For further information on using the IDyou app and conducting video interviews, visit http://theadvantedgeedge.com.au/

Australia Post
There are no changes to the current process for customers who use Australia Post to verify their identity.

Monday 30 November

Serviceability & Credit Policy Updates

We’re committed to helping you do the right thing for your customers and making it easier to do business with us. 

As part of this promise, we've made some policy updates. In addition, the new serviceability calculator and Credit Guidelines Booklets are now available from MyCRM. 

Policy Details
Affordability Floor Rate Change The new affordability floor rate is 4.95% p.a.

IMPORTANT: When a serviceability assessment is performed, the HIGHER of the affordability floor rate or borrower rate plus 2.50% p.a. will be applied.

Uncertain Income Shading Shading for uncertain income will reduce to 20%, meaning we’ll be using 80% of the income when performing a serviceability assessment. Uncertain income types include; rental, overtime, bonus, commission, dividend and investment income.
Age of Verification Payslips We're changing the age of verification documents for PAYG income from 21 days to 45 days for all frequency types up to monthly. The existing 90 day document age requirement will apply for payments greater than monthly.
Tax Rate Change The new ATO individual tax rates will be used for serviceability.
Customer Contributions We’re removing the requirement to verify the source of the customer’s contribution (i.e. funds to complete) for applications with a LVR above 80%.
Cash Out ATO Debt Verification Removal Australian Tax Office (ATO) debts are no longer required to be verified as ‘cash out’.
You’ll still be required to include ATO debts in the liability section of applications and where funds are required to repay the ATO debt.

Digital Variations Hub launch

We’re excited to launch our Digital Variations Hub for non-credit critical variations, further digitising our end-to-end experience to provide quicker and more consistent outcomes.

This means some forms can now be accessed and completed online, including the Fixed Rate Authority Form, Fixed Rate Break Cost Acknowledgement Form and Loan Variation Form.

Where to access the Digital Variations Hub

  • Your aggregator's CRM system
  • Loan Market Go website
  • www.advantedge.com.au > Mortgage Brokers > Digital Variations
  • www.theadvantedgeedge.com.au > Post Settlement > Digital Variations

What you need to do

  1. Log on to the Digital Variations Hub and fill out a variation form
  2. Generate a PDF form when completed
  3. Email PDF form to customers for review and signing
  4. Send the final completed form to customercare@advantedge.com.au as per the current process.

Please note a physical signature is still required on these variations forms.

Please refer to the FAQs or speak to your BDM if you have any questions.

Monday 23 November

Australia Post VOI reduced turnaround time

We’re updating the Australia Post Verification of Identity Form and process reducing the turnaround time to one day.

Customers will be required to take original identification documents to an Extended Identity Solution (EIS) enabled post office where their documents will be verified, scanned and made available to us within one day.

Your customers can walk into over 1,500 participating EIS post offices across Australia to complete their VOI requirements. There is no need to book an appointment.

Reduced LMI premiums

QBE is reducing its Lender Mortgage Insurance (LMI) premiums. These changes apply to all new LMI applications and loan variations that require LMI.

LMI is required when the loan to value ratio (LVR) exceeds 80%. From Saturday 21 November 2020, LMI premiums will decrease by 6%.

The reduced LMI premium will be automatically applied to the home loan application once unconditionally approved from Saturday 21 November 2020.

If you have any questions, please speak to your BDM.

Broker research survey

Advantedge are launching a broker research survey this week and will be asking brokers to share their thoughts and experiences with the product and service.

It’s a great opportunity to provide critical feedback to help Advantedge deliver a product and service to the best possible standard and consistency, adding value to brokers and customers.

We encourage you to complete the survey by providing your feedback. This feedback is invaluable in helping Advantedge support you by delivering a better broker and customer experience.

Similar to other surveys we have conducted, Nature Research will email brokers on behalf of Advantedge during the week commencing 23 November with an invitation to complete a survey which should take no more than 15 minutes.

Tuesday 3 November

Preferred Lender portal

We’re improving the Preferred Lender portal to make it simpler for you to check the status of your loan applications online. You’ll now be able to:

  • view notes in real time from our Verification and Credit teams with progress updates
  • conveniently track your new loan applications digitally, anytime
  • see what is remaining to be addressed on an application and proactively follow up if there are any outstanding documents
  • access your customers’ post-settlement information.

eSign supporting documents

We’re now accepting the following supporting documents signed with an electronic signature* (using any platform) as well as physical/wet signatures, provided that they are in the form of an agreement/form/letter (i.e. documents which are not deed or statutory declarations). If the document isn’t listed below, we still require a physical signature: 

  • Contract of Sale** 
  • Sales advice 
  • Real estate nomination form 
  • Deposit receipts 
  • Gift letter, e.g. letter confirming parents are gifting funds to child for house purchase 
  • Fixed Price Building Contract/Variation agreement of building contract 
  • Employment contract/letter from the employer 
  • Rental/market appraisals 
  • Lease Agreement** 
  • Acceptable verification document from a real estate agent 
  • Letters/statements from accountant or financial planner. 

*Electronic signing of documents – signed using an imaged signature, a signature drawn with a mouse, finger or stylus or typed name (where the font of the typed name is different to the font of the document). 

**We still require a wet signature for Deeds and Statutory Declarations.

Privacy Notice update

We’ve updated the privacy notice on the following application forms:

  • Loan Application Short Form
  • Loan Application Long Form (PDF)
  • Loan Variation Form.

Please ensure you’re using the latest version found on MyCRM.

Thursday 24 September

A few more reasons to get GOing. 

Replacing BIG with customer home loan conversation playback 

  •  From Saturday 26 September to Thursday 1 October customers will start receiving an email playback summary of their home loan conversation with you based on the information entered in Apply Online 
  •  You’ll be required to collect unique email address for each customer and let them know that all applicants will be receiving this playback separately. 
  •  You’ll no longer need to submit the Broker Interview Guide (BIG)  

From Saturday 26 September to Thursday 1 October (available when NextGen makes the change in Apply Online) you and your customers will start receiving a playback of their home loan needs conversation with you via email at the unconditional approval stage 

The playback will: 

  •  include the purpose(s) of their loan application 
  •  document what is important to the customer (in terms of product features) 
  •  show the product selected by the customer(s). 

This means you’ll no longer need to submit the Broker Interview Guide for new home loan applications. 

What this means for the customer 

The customer will receive the email with the playback PDF attachment from Advantedge.-.No-Reply@advantedge.com.au. This is for their information only; your customer doesn’t need to sign and return it. 

As it is at unconditional approval stage, it should reflect the final position of the customer’s application being submitted for approval and ultimately, settlement. 

What you need to do 

  • Advise the customer that they should expect an email (with a PDF attachment branded per your aggregator) from Advantedge-No-Reply@advantedge.com.au summarising their home loan conversation. 
  • You’ll be required to collect a customer’s email address and let them know that all applicants will be receiving this playback separately. 
  •  If your customer identifies that something has been documented incorrectly or if they change their mind after formal approval, they’ll need to let you know so you can submit a request to amend the approval per standard process. 
  •  You’ll no longer be required to submit the Broker Interview Guide for new home loan applications. 

3 new changes for faster first-time submissions (Effective Monday 28 September)

ID verification 

  • The ID verification option selected from either the IDyou or ZipID options will drive the supporting document condition which appears in the Supporting Documents tab.
  • The Document Type list has been updated to align with IDyou and ZipID and documents are now labelled as Photographic and Non-Photographic. 
  •  The supporting document attached will have Optical Character Recognition (OCR) applied to ensure the correct report is being uploaded.
  • If Australia Post is selected, no supporting document condition will be required.

Payslip age within policy 

  • When uploading a payslip into the Supporting Documents tab, you’ll be triggered to select the payslip payment frequency and the From and To date range. 
  • The uploaded payslip will be validated to ensure it is within policy. 

COVID-19 commentary 

  • To assist you with providing information about any COVID-19 financial impacts on the customer’s financial position, we have created a dedicated COVID-19 template. 
  •  The template will be available through Print Forms and aggregator sites . 
  •  The template should be uploaded to the mandatory Supporting Documents condition. Alternatively you may upload your notes answering these same questions to the Supporting Documents condition, instead of using the template.

Got questions? Contact your local Loan Market GO BDM. 

Thursday 27 August

*Product information as of August 17, 2020

Thursday 28 July

Victorian Loan Market Business Owner, Carl Scheriani, customers were in a tight spot, so he teamed up with his Loan Market Go BDM to get the best outcome for his customers.

  • His customers had tried and failed to purchase a property in the vicinity of a school for their eldest son with learning difficulties.  
  • They needed to be in a specific postcode for their son to be enrolled.
  • They had refinanced their owner-occupier a year earlier with Carl, and had a large deposit ready to go with the plan to continue with their current lender. 
  • They were successful at auction, with their new home in proximity to the school.

The settlement date was looming, and Carl was determined to get an outcome for his customers so their son could attend the right school. 

 He took the application to Loan Market Go and workshopped the deal with Vince Gaggiano, Loan Market Go BDM.   

 Vince reviewed the loan application and Carl's associated broker notes, and committed to getting the deal over the line.

 “The deal was lodged, conditionally approved, valued, formally approved, paperwork out and returned within 49 working hours!” Carl said. 

 "It was a great outcome for my customers! Their son was able to start at his new school in June."  

 P.S. Carl used the same initial 'Broker notes', plus the appropriate servicing calculator to run the deal past the BDMs to explain what was needed.

Monday 13 July


Loan Market Go will be offering the option to extend existing loan deferrals for home loan customers affected by COVID-19 by up to four months, ending no later than 31 March 2021

While many homeowners have started their repayments again, we know there are some who still need our help for a bit longer. 

The extension will not be automatic and will be provided based on customers’ individual circumstances. 

Please note that your trail commission won’t be impacted by the loan repayment deferral.

Getting in touch with your customers

Loan Market Go will contact customers who deferred their loan repayments to talk about their individual circumstances and any appropriate options for them including loan restructure, additional hardship assistance or further deferral. Contact may be via SMS, phone or letter. 

We continue to encourage customers who can begin repayments to do so as soon as they can as this is in their best interests.

What you need to do 

If you have a customer who has deferred their home loan repayment due to COVID-19, let them know that we will be in touch with them before they are due to restart their repayments. There is nothing they need to do now. 

If your customer is experiencing hardship and would like to contact us please refer them to our Customer Care team for help, Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 7.30pm (AEST) on 1300 300 989 or customercare@advantedge.com.au.

If you have any questions

Please contact your Business Development Manager or visit our website.

Friday 3 July


As part of our ongoing program of work to maintain our systems and help you deliver the best outcomes for your customers, there will be the following scheduled system outage on Sunday 5 July 2020, 12.00am-7.00am

What this means for you 

During this time you’ll be unable to lodge, view or manage loan applications you have in the pipeline in ApplyOnline. 

What this means for your customers 

During the outage period customers will be: 

  • unable to access StarNet to check their account information or transfer funds, however StarCall will still be available. 
  • limited to a withdrawal or purchase amount of $200 per day via ATM or EFTPOS. 

There will be a banner on StarNet notifying customers of the outage. 

Thank you for your understanding. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Version 4 of ApplyOnline was introduced some time ago offering new and improved features to help get your application right first time and improve turnaround times.

Currently both versions 3 and 4 of ApplyOnline Supporting Documents service are available to use when submitting loan applications.

From the end of September, version 3 will no longer be available. Please ensure you are using version 4 before then.

Webinar support and registration

There’ll be fortnightly training webinars in the lead up to version 3 decommissioning, to support you through the change. For more information and to register, visit nextgen.net/applyonlinetraining.


We’ve updated our process for deceased customer notification and estates management to further protect the estate of the deceased.  

This applies to all cases where the deceased held secured lending facilities (e.g. a home loan) under one of the following ownership structures:

  • property was solely owned by the deceased
  • property was owned jointly by the deceased as a Tenant in Common

In these instances we’ll now require either one of:

  • a Grant of Probate if a will exists
  • Letters of Administration if a will does not exist

This is to ensure we are dealing with those properly authorised to act on behalf of the estate and evidencing probate in these cases supports our duty of care.

Important: These guidelines are general in nature and specific requirements will be determined based on the individual case or scenario. 

Who to contact

Please ensure you contact Advantedge Customer Care as soon as you’re notified of a customer death, so the Bereavement Support team can provide relevant servicing support and assistance to the estate and any surviving parties.


Effective Wednesday 1 July 2020 there were changes to Government fees relating to residential properties/securities. These costs are disclosed to the customer in their loan contracts and collected by Advantedge on behalf of the Government.

What you need to do

You must ensure the correct fees are disclosed to the customer.

Updating customer documents

Registration fees increase every year and MSA, our dedicated settlement partner, will ensure documents being issued to the borrowers are updated to reflect the correct figures to the borrower.

The following states will not be increasing their fees:

Further information for the following states:

Friday 19 June 

Loan Market Go is reducing home loan rates effective Friday 19 June 2020


  • Variable rate for owner occupiers is reducing to 2.65% p.a. (comparison rate 2.68% p.a.), available for new loans with LVR up to 80% and principal and interest repayments.

Pipeline applications

  • Variable rate loans formally approved and instructed on or after Friday 19 June 2020 will receive the new rate on the updated rate card.
  • Variable rate loans formally approved and instructed before Friday 19 June 2020 will receive the rate on the rate card applicable at the time the loan was formally approved and instructed.


1 year fixed rates are reducing for owner occupier and residential investor loans with LVR up to 80% and principal and interest repayments. 

  • Owner Occupier P&I - 2.29% p.a. (reduced by 0.66% p.a.)
  • Residential Investor P&I - 2.49% p.a.(reduced by 0.88% p.a.)

Pipeline applications for new fixed interest rate home loans.

  • The fixed interest rate applied to pipeline applications will be the fixed rate in effect at the time of settlement, except where Lock Rate applies.
  • If Lock Rate applies, the loan will settle at the fixed interest rate on the date the application was lodged.


  • Applies to new fixed rate home loans.
  • Existing customers who wish to take advantage of the new fixed rate to fix all or a portion of their existing variable rate loan, will also be able to access the new rate from Friday 19 June 2020.

Lock Rate
Lock Rate can give your customers fixed-rate certainty for 90 days from the date the application is submitted. A Lock Rate fee of $395 applies where the Lock Rate option is requested. For more details, please refer to the Lock Rate Authority Form.

Thursday 18 June 


Loan Market Go's end-to-end digitisation of forms and processes has made it simpler and faster for brokers to do business with us. 

With this new seamless service, we have ultra-fast turnaround times. 


 Want to find out more? Contact your Loan Market Go BDM 

 Improvements we've made to enable a faster, more efficient end-to-end digital experience:  

  •  eSign for ApplyOnline (AOL), enabling loan application documents to be electronically signed and sent 
  •  Digital Broker Declaration form, meaning no need to print, sign, scan and resend paper forms 
  •  Document Verification Service (DVS) in AOL, enabling you to validate customer data real-time and removing the 100 Point ID form requirement.
  •  Customer identification methods  
    •  IDyou app (either In-Person or Remote Verification). For more information on IDyou click here. 
    •  ZipID (In-Person only) 
    •  Australia Post ID form (customer completes and submits the form at an Australia Post branch).

Monday 25 May

We've reduced 2 year fixed rates for residential investor loans (up to 80% LVR), for all new and existing customers. 

  • 2 year fixed principal and interest - 2.54%p.a. (0.83% reduction)
  • 2 year fixed interest only -  2.74%.p.a. (1.18% reduction)

For more information on client eligibility and lock rates click here.

Get the latest Loan Market Go rate card here


Key points:

  • From Monday 25 May 2020, the Broker Declaration form will be digitised and must be completed as a final part of application submission
  • Broker Declaration will be available in the Compliance tab under ‘Originator Declarations’
  • In-flight applications that haven’t been submitted before 25 May, will need to have a completed Broker Declaration as part of application submission
We’re continuing to work on ways to improve the application submission process to make it easier to do business with us. From Monday 25 May 2020 you’ll be able to complete the Broker Declarations digitally through ApplyOnline. This is one of a number of requirements we’ll be digitising to make application submission faster and easier.

What you need to do
When completing an application in ApplyOnline you’ll need to complete the Broker Declaration in the Compliance tab under ‘Originator Declarations’ in a new check box. This must be the last thing you complete as part of application submission.

The Broker Declaration section will be removed from the Application Long and Short Forms and so will not need to be signed and dated.

The Supporting Document Checklist will be updated to remove reference to the Broker Declaration.


Key Points:

  • We’ll now resume accepting customer identification verification face-to-face via IDyou, ZipID or the Australia Post form

As states ease restrictions for public gatherings it’s likely that aggregators will ease strict social distancing measures, so we will resume accepting customer identity verification for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Verification of Identity (VOI) requirements via:

  • IDyou app (either In-Person or via Remote Verification)
  • ZipID (In-Person only)
  • Australia Post ID form (customer completes in Australia Post Branch)
Any other way to check a customer’s identification won’t be accepted including using our 100 point ID form.

Where States allow face-to-face meetings, and as a result your aggregator allows face-to-face meetings, provided it is safe to do so, you can continue to perform interviews face-to face-with your customers.

We also allow video conferencing interviews to conduct the loan application interview.

Video Conference Interviews and Remote ID verification
If you are not meeting a customer face to face and interviewing your customer via video conference and utilising IDYou Remote, you will need to:

  • sight your customer with their original identity documentation
  • review these ID documents presented in the video call and compare it with the ID information the customer submitted via the IDyou app
  • Document within your submission notes, the customer identity documents presented during the video interview and method of the video conference. Here’s a sample of what you can write:
“I held a (describe the video method used. e.g. Zoom, facetime etc.) interview on (insert date) and during this interview the customer displayed their (insert ID sighted).”


Key Point:

  • From Monday 25 May 2020 there’ll be some updates to the Document Verification Service (DVS) feature in ApplyOnline to strengthen upfront validation of identification (ID) documents.
We recently introduced DVS  in ApplyOnline help improve application turnaround times by validating ID document information upfront and ensuring that the identification information entered is correct.

These are the latest updates:

  • Removal of the 100 Point ID Check form
Regardless of the DVS outcome, the 100 Point ID Check form will no longer be required and will be removed from both short and long application forms. This includes where an ID document used is not in scope for DVS.  Note: IDyou, ZipID or Australia Post form must be used to ID a customer. 

  • New Verification method selection in Applicants tab

In the Applicants tab you’ll see a dropdown menu where you will need to select from the options: Australia Post, IDYou, and ZipID.

  • You’ll be required to provide a minimum 100 points worth of ID documents 

Ensure that the information you enter into DVS is from the documents you’ve captured in the IDyou or ZipID apps.

  • ID documents must be current

The ID documents you use for the loan application must not be expired at the date of the application. This includes:

    • Australian Government Pension/ Social Security/Health Care Card
    • Australian Student Photo ID Card
    • Identification card/permit
    • International License or ID Card
    • Australian Medicare Card

If you submit an expired document, you’ll see an on-screen error message stating that the document chosen cannot be used as it has expired.

The only exception to this is for an Australian Passport, which must be no older than two years after its expiry, at the date of application.

  • New mandatory DVS declaration for app submission
You’ll see a new mandatory declaration in the Compliance tab before being able to submit an application. If you choose Australia Post as a verification method, this declaration doesn’t apply. In the absence of a declaration, you may be contacted to provide a declaration by email.

  • New DVS Declaration if DVS document fails

If any one of the documents fail DVS (this may happen for a number of reasons), an additional broker declaration will appear under the Compliance tab. You must agree to this declaration before being able to submit the application. 

If you have further questions, please contact your BDM.


We’re working hard to provide you and your customers with a simpler, faster and more efficient home loan submission experience. We’ve partnered with DocuSign to soon launch digital upfront document signing technology in ApplyOnline (known as eSign). This will enhance our end-to-end digital experience for upfront loan document submission. Watch this space for updates.


The Tasmanian Government has extended the $20 000 First Home Owner Grant for two additional years through to 30 June 2022.

The First Home Owner Grant is a one-off payment for eligible applicants who buy or build a new home, where the transaction meets certain eligibility criteria.

Further information
Please refer to the State Revenue Office of Tasmania for full details.

Get the latest Loan Market Go rate card here

Want to find out more? Contact our Loan Market Go BDM