Go Flexi

16 December 2020

The Go Flexi Promise

We’re ensuring that Go Flexi Near Prime or Specialist loans are the right solution for your client. 

If you’re considering a Specialist or Near Prime solution for your client and find a better alternative with a competitor? We’ll beat it.

Send the competitor’s offer through to the Go Flexi pricing team and we’ll ensure we give you a Go Flexi solution that beats their offer. 

The Go Flexi Promise is available now until 31 January 2021.

UPDATE 4 FEB 2021: You're loving it so much, we've extended The Go Flexi Promise until 28 February 2021.

23 November 2020 

New and Extended Promotions

To round out 2020 and celebrate the New Year, we're offering new and extended promotions on selected Go Flexi loans! 

Until 31 January 2021, brokers can offer their clients discounted interest rates and fees across select Prime, Near Prime and Specialist home loan products, for their full doc and alt doc customers.

Discounted fees

  • No Mortgage Risk Fee (MRF) for Near Prime Alt Doc loans up to 70% LVR
  • No Lender Protection Fee (LPF) for Prime Full Doc loans between 80-85% LVR

Discounted rates

16 November 2020

Product and Credit Policy Changes

Acceptable Income

  • 100% of Interest and Dividend income from held cash deposits and share portfolios considered. 2 years consistency is required. Capital gains on sale of assets is not acceptable.

Full Doc solutions

  • Maximum LVR of 95% for Specialist Full Doc
  • Cash out up to 85% LVR for Specialist Full Doc
  • Fee Capitalisation up to 95% LVR for Specialist Full Doc

Alt Doc solutions

  • 1 month’s Business Bank Statements no longer required on all Alt Doc home loans
  • Maximum LVR of 85% for Specialist Alt Doc
  • Cash out up to 80% LVR for Specialist Alt Doc
  • Fee Capitalisation up to 85% LVR for Specialist Alt Doc
  •  6 month ABN and GST considered for Specialist Alt Doc

Please refer to the product guide for more information on our product and credit policy.

New serviceability calculator

The serviceability calculator has had some improvements! It now includes:

  • Financial Year 2021 personal tax rates
  • A new feature where two Pepper Money loan amounts can be entered for serviceability, eliminating the need to have separate sheets where there are two applications.

Check out the new serviceability calculator here.

23 September 2019

Near Prime Clear Product

We’re pleased to launch Options Near Prime Clear. We will be offering strong rates across all LVR bands for Full Doc and Alt Doc customers. These include:

  • Full Doc & Full Doc Plus up to 80%
  • Alt Doc & Alt Doc Plus up to 75%

Near Prime Construction Product

We’re pleased to launch Options Near Prime Construction for Full Doc and Alt Doc Owner Occupied customers. These include:

  • Full Doc up to 95%
  • Alt Doc up to 85%

Have a customer in hardship?

During difficult times customers expect their brokers to think outside of the box to find alternative solutions. South Australian Loan Market Business Owner, Carlo Catalano, did just that. 

Read his customer story below.

Carlo was referred to his customers by a mutual connection as they needed assistance to get back on track with their loans.

The customer: A couple in financial hardship due to an unexpected illness.

The problem:

  • His customers had two interest-only loans for $210K and $130K paying 6.5%
  • They had other debts too, including, credit cards, car loans and family debts
  • They had fallen behind on their repayments due to illness and they needed to reduce their debt
  • The couple were in arrears and had dishonours on their home loans 

Carlo tried everything, running scenarios past other lenders and none would assist due to the arrears.

According to Carlo, Go Flexi came to the rescue.

"Go Flexi Specialist gave them breathing space. Go Flexi Specialist allowed all their debts to be consolidated into one, with reduced monthly payments overall and debt reduction. They could also continue to pay more if they wanted which also suited them," Carlo said.

"We also advised them that following 12-months of good conduct on the loan, we would do an internal refinance and put them with a prime product in the Go Flexi range. This pleased them - it was a great result!"

With Go Flexi, your customers can be assessed for three mortgage solutions (prime, near prime and specialist loans) via one application.