Going to contract? Read this first

As a real estate Mortgage Broker I am often asked what do I need to put in the contract and what can we negotiate on – so here’s my five top tips.

1. Agree on a deposit, and make most of it payable at unconditional.

2. Do you need 45 days to settle due to your lease. There’s no harm in asking! It is standard in Queensland for 30 days but 45 or 60 are common.

3. Put in a Building and Pest report even if there is nothing wrong with the property they will show what may need to be done in the future.

4. Finance Clause. We can get pre-approval in 48 hours, however with a contract you may need a valuation and these can take up to 7 working days. Make sure you’ve got your 14 days here or talk to your financier about your particular purchase and see if this can be reduced.

5. Date of contract. This is the date when everyone is signed off and agreed and is the date your finance and building and pest start and also determines the settlement date.

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