Happy Clients, Happy Broker!

We love receiving these testimonials from our valued clients - can we help you too?

In August 2015, we were fortunate to be referred to Wayne Pope of LoanMarket. For 20 years or so we had been with one of the big banks and decided that we should look at making our equity work better for us. Getting three of us together for an appointment proved a challenge to start with due to shift work etc. In the end, I approached our financial institution advising that we were looking to go elsewhere if they were unprepared to look after our needs. They came back to us with a lesser interest rate and I advised Wayne that we were going to stay with ANZ.

Wayne's informative and persuasively gentle response suggested that it might be in our best interest if we could just meet with him cover off what he was able to offer as he might be able to do better with ANZ. We made the appointment happen and to our amazement, Wayne's advice was proven. He not only got us a better deal with ANZ (loyalty counts for nothing) but got us a brilliant interest rate with BOQ.

From the outset, Wayne advised that it would be a detailed and meticulous change over. Communication from Sandra advising of what was required for us in an almost tick and flick format made this remarkably painless. Approachable and professional advice was offered throughout the changeover and we were never left wondering or waiting. Even when we were awaiting the process to evolve we were advised of that.

Our appreciation for the professional, precise and approachable nature of Sandra and Wayne can not be fully expressed. We have now developed a relationship that we know will benefit us in the future as we have realised, due to the invaluable information imparted from Wayne and Sandra, that we are the disadvantaged if we put refinance investigation on the back burner or worst still, in the too hard basket.

Thank you is just not enough.

Erica Bolam and Karen Turner