Help me raise funds for The Ride For Cancer

On the 19th and 20th of October, I will riding 200K’s on my bike to raise funds for the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research. I haven’t ridden this far on a bike before, in fact the furthest would be 73K’s back in April so this is a big challenge for me and one I would love to take on. The conquest of cancer is a monumental task and won’t be easy.

I have now raised $1405 but if I do not reach the target of $2500 within in the next 3 weeks then I will NOT be able to ride. So now I really do need all the help you can give. Why should you sponsor me?

Support those who have donated already and are waiting in anticipation at me having to grind out 200K’s on my bike
Jump on board with them and sit back enjoying the fact that I will be going through 2 days of sweat, pain and a very sore back side
But more importantly every single dollar raised goes to Benefiting the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research which is a fabulous cause.

Donate to get me movin’ and help me raise money

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Every donation is very much appreciated.

Training Update

I went out for my first ride on the weekend since April. I had cycled from Ocean Reef to Freo and was on my way back. So 47 K’s done with just over 30 to home and then the crank on this NEW bike decided to break with the result of me flipping over the handle bars and landing in a heap beside the West Coast Highway. It must of been an hilarious site for anyone watching and after I got my bearings back I just sat there and had a good chuckle.

The bike is in the repair shop and will be ready for the weekend to continue the training and hopefully this weekend will not be so eventful.

Thank you to everyone who have to this point donated and I hope this target can be reached so that I can ride.