High net-worth client specialists find home at Loan Market

High net-worth client specialist Charter Finance Group is the latest business to join Loan Market under the award-winning aggregator’s newly-unveiled Bring Your Own Brand (BYOB) model.

Managing Director, Dean Perlman, of Charter Finance, cited Loan Market’s cutting-edge tech automation and long-held real estate connections as the catalyst for the move. 

He’s built a brand servicing medical professionals and high-net-worth individuals through Charter Finance’s accountant referral network.

“Clients are quietly confident about where the property market is heading,” he said.

“That being said, it’s still taking a lot of time to prepare high-end deals for lenders, especially where there are complexities involved.

“Expenses are (and will likely remain) a major obstacle for many clients. Lenders (rightly so) are delving deeply into an applicant’s outgoings.

“Every thousand dollars a month in expenses can impact an applicant’s borrowing capacity by up to $120,000.”

A qualified property lawyer, Mr Perlman transitioned into commercial broking in 2003 after emigrating to Australia from South Africa in 2000.

He founded Charter Finance in 2010, adding Annex Group not long after.

Annex Group’s focus was centred around servicing the clients of prestige property agents across the major property markets of Sydney and Melbourne over the last decade and established finance divisions for several real estate companies.

High-end property sales have dominated auction results in New South Wales and Victorian capitals over spring. But Mr Perlman said lenders were still heavily scrutinising the prestige price point.

His background in property law provided a strong platform from which to navigate difficult and inter-connected deals.

Mr Perlman also has an appreciation of the modern-day broker-real estate agent relationship.

“Working with agencies who understand this value add to their own business and clients delivers an incredible result for all involved, particularly the client,” he said.

“The value proposition of a broker has never been better, especially at a time when there’s great inconsistency in how lenders assess applicants. Brokers are now, more so than ever, far more instrumental in a deal happening, or not.” 

Mr Perlman said he identified synergies with Loan Market’s post-settlement client service. He said it was critical for brokers to develop long-lasting relationships with their clients.