How can Connect Leads Manager help your business?

At Loan Market, we support innovation and work hard to develop useful systems to make our brokers’ lives easier. We also actively encourage our brokers to share their wins with the network for the benefit of the whole business. One such win is Connect Leads Manager.

Connect Leads Manager is a lead management tool that was developed by Loan Market brokers for the exclusive use of our network. It allows brokers and referral partners to easily capture lead details and keep updated with their progress. For example a referral partner such as an accountant is helping a new client with their tax return when the client mentions they’re preparing to buy a new home. The referral partner can use Connect Leads Manager to add the client’s details to the database. The broker is notified of the new lead immediately and the client receives a high level of service from the beginning, reflecting well upon both the broker and the referral partner.

Leads can be added anywhere, anytime, by anyone and the simple interface and dashboard is easy to use, especially on the go. All lead information is in one central place for both parties and it saves time by the broker and referrer being notified of where the lead is at, instantly. Because the program helps track lead conversion and commission through reporting, brokers maintain a high level of professionalism with referrers being rewarded quickly and easily. It means referrers are comfortable sharing their very best leads and their client receives a high level of service at the same time.

As a member of the Loan Market network, Connect Leads Manager helps you manage your leads more efficiently at no extra cost - access is included in the subscription fee Loan Market brokers pay for all of the systems and marketing tools available.