How to get my free credit score

Free Credit Score

Lenders don't usually read your credit report. They use a computer to convert all the information into a credit score - a measure of how risky you are. Lenders then accept only those people who score over a certain level, known as the 'cut-off' score.

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Find out your credit score For $0. No 'search footprint' is left on your credit reports - this is totally anonymous and is designed to help you to understand how credit scoring works.

The average score is 750.

Some lenders only lend to people with good credit records. Most mainstream lenders will lend to people with an average or good credit rating. Some specialist lenders will even lend to those with a poor credit record. In general, the higher you score, the more lenders you can access. In general, the more 'picky' the lender, the lower the interest rate as this table shows. The above sample shows someone with a lower-than-average score of 574 and how this affects the cost of credit cards, loans, mortgages and overdrafts. Krissie who has been a mortgage broker in perth for many years, knows the banks policies and rules, she will advise those lenders that don't credit score or use a computer generated system. The big 4 banks do credit score. Krissie has helped many happy clients who have had multiply credit enquires, gain a mortgage. If you need a mortgage Broker in Perth call Krissie Goring, to assist you in gaining the right mortgage to suit your needs or