Improving Property Value with Street Appeal

A good first impression can’t be made twice. More viewings, a quick sale or quality tenants can all come down to the street appeal of a property.

Once you’ve become attached or accustomed to the way your home or second property looks it can be hard to stop and think. It’s a commodity I want it gone for the highest price.

Just because you think your place is perfect or can’t see its faults or untapped street appeal potential the way a buyer or renter will, it doesn’t mean you should shrug your shoulders and give up.

Next time you arrive, slow down and do a drive by. Approach your property from both directions plus the back if you have two street access. Stop across the road and do the following street appeal exercise jotting down the answers to these questions:

What is your first impression of the house? If the house isn’t visible from the street, how does the front of the block look? What are the best features of the property? What are the worst features of the property?

Now park in a place a potential buyer is most likely to pull up and walk towards the house. Note down your answers to the following questions:

Is the pedestrian approach to the house clearly defined? Is the gate easy to find and open? How obvious and inviting is the front door?

If you’re still struggling to be objective opt to get an impartial professional opinion or take photos from various places in the street. Looking at an image especially in black and white can make features and faults more apparent.

Carry out your street appeal exercise again in the evening at dusk and in the dark. It wouldn’t be unusual for potential purchasers or tenants to check out a property on their way home or together in the evening.

Make a list of the problems and positives you’ve discovered. Then make a second list to prioritize the clean-up and repairs before moving on to new improvements.

If you’re tempted to skip or skim on improving street appeal remember, humans by nature are quick to judge and slow to change our minds. Your efforts will pay dividends in creating a great first impression. There is no second chance to do that.

Alex Honey Sterling Interiors