Industry figures find the right culture at Loan Market

Respected industry figures Michael Chadwick and Andrew Dunreath-Cooper have found a new home at Loan Market, embarking on the next chapter of their broking careers in inner-Sydney. 

The pair, who have built distinguished careers with Aussie Home Loans, Yellow Brick Road and other brands, have opened a prominently positioned Loan Market brokerage on Glebe Point Road, Glebe, in NSW.

The business partners identified the three-tiered appeal of culture, tech and support to diversify services as the motivation for the move.  

Mr Dunreath-Cooper said: “We’ve worked for some good operators in the past and really appreciate the benefits a strong culture can bring”.

“We felt from every interaction we had with Loan Market that they had a real understanding of how to treat and engage their brokers.

“Michael and I liked the fact Loan Market is independent and family-owned. This creates a unique and inclusive culture, making you feel an important part of a special team.

“Loan Market provides us with a great brand, support and systems, but also allows us the flexibility to grow our business by playing to our experience, strengths and personalities.”

Momentum Intelligence recently released results of its 2019 Aggregator of Choice survey, with Loan Market’s brokers ranking the Group #1, overall, of 13 aggregator networks polled. It was the second year in a row the Group was given the ultimate endorsement from its brokers, ranked #1 in 9 of 14 categories surveyed, including topping culture. 

Mr Dunreath-Cooper and Mr Chadwick’s appreciation for Loan Market’s investment in technology was shared by other brokers in the Group. In the Momentum Intelligence survey, Loan Market’s brokers gave the Group the highest approval rating across the tech-focused categories of software and innovation.

Mr Chadwick said Loan Market’s tech features and digital solutions were ahead of the market. 

“I started out in the days of visiting customers in their homes with pen, paper and a receipt book to collect the customer’s application fee,” he said.

“Thankfully, the process has come a long way to provide better tools for brokers and a better experience for customers today.

“If you don’t have leading technology to help you, you can’t work fast enough, nor can you provide the customer with the level of service they deserve and expect nowadays. 

“There are plenty of CRMs in the marketplace that are good at the lending component of what we do, but many have lost the focus on the relationship that tech can deliver to enhance the customer experience.

“Loan Market’s automated marketing solutions My Lead Generator, Stay-in-Touch and Nurture Programs really fill that gap.”

Mr Chadwick said diversification in services was important for our business.

“In our stage of business, we want to be more than mortgage brokers,” he said. “We want to be able to offer a spectrum of financial services. Whether that’s buying a car, equipment finance or more, we want to be able to help our customers with all their financial needs, and Loan Market supports us completely across all areas we want to specialise in.”   

To discover experienced service, contact the team at Loan Market Glebe on (02) 9552 6416, today.