Industry veteran joins Loan Market

Preston-based mortgage broker, Fred Rizio has worked in financial services for more than 30 years and this month he announced his move to the Loan Market Group.

Having been with the same mortgage broking group since 2003, Fred saw that his business was taking a new direction and decided to look for opportunities that aligned with his evolving business model.

Upon speaking with Loan Market’s chairman, Sam White and spending time with the group’s Victorian state team, Fred saw that his own ambition reflected the Loan Market vision.

“My goal is to expand my business and build a diverse team. Loan Market have built such a supportive franchise model and that’s exactly what I need in order to achieve the growth I am striving for,” Fred explains.

With a clear ambition to increase business through real estate referral partnerships, Fred went on to say that Loan Market’s increased commitment to Ray White relationships was a key factor in his decision to join the group.

“Solid real estate referrers are critical to achieving success in mortgage broking. My aim is to be ranked in the top 20 businesses within the Loan Market Group internationally. To do that I plan to partner with local Ray White offices - something that Loan Market help to facilitate.”

Beginning his career working for an Australian bank straight out of school, Fred spent decades learning different aspects of the country’s banking and financial system before transitioning into car finance - all of which proved to be key experience before opening his mortgage broking business.

“I became a mortgage broker in 2003 and my past experience allowed me to diversify business quite early in to include car finance and equipment leasing.

“Having spent so much time in the banks, I have extensive knowledge into how our banking system works which has obvious benefits to building a successful business in the mortgage industry.

“I’ve worked hard to build the business I have today, and I’m excited for what the future holds as I take the next step with Loan Market,” Fred concludes.