Interest up - Interest Down

We all sit and wait for the decision, will rates go up, down or stay unchanged.

I think I have just about heard enough about interest rates. All though I agree it is important to understand where rates are at and how the rise and fall reflect the current economic environment, do we really need to make every decision based on this.

Thinking about how long you may have a loan, I am often amused to hear clients say, "I am just going to see what interest rates do this month"

If clients would stop and think about the level of debt, and working cash flow to maximise the efficiencies of their finances, an interest rate point here or there, would not be as important.

To add that most client would take the standard variable and look to gain a discount, shopping to get the lowest that may only go up next month. I feel we need to beat the banks at their own game and not get bogged down in the rate talk but focus on the Structure and Strategy to clear it.

Make every dollar work!!