Kicking off your clients’ 2019 finance story

As 2019 ticks into gear, many will turn their minds to getting their finances in check. There’s a lot my partners and I can do to help your clients get their ducks in a row.

Consolidating debt to save on their mortgage

Putting all your client’s debt in one loan can save them a motza by removing multiple fees across multiple debts. And we can also try to find them a lower monthly interest rate!

New car finance

New year, new wheels? We can assist your clients with features like fast approval, comparing car loans from over 12 providers and using our car finder service. You’ll have them roof down, sunglasses on and hair dancing with the wind down an open highway, before you can say fill ‘er up.

Cheaper utilities

You’d be forgiven for believing utility costs only go up. Send us your client’s current household utility bills and we’ll gladly compare plans across Australia's leading electricity, gas, and broadband providers. We could snag them a better deal.

Future planning

We don’t only help your client with their mortgage, we help them stay protected so that they can afford their loan if something unexpected happens (like a major health issue). Our financial planning partners offer a hand with it all and can steer your clients to a brighter 2019. They also help with retirement planning, budgeting and investing too.

If any of this looks good, or you think of another way we can support your clients, feel free to get in touch.