Let’s set you up for success.

Ready. Set. Life.
Let’s set you up for success.

Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing your home, there are steps you can take to protect, manage and grow your money.

Loan Market's Robert Simpson can help you with your financial goals and develop a plan to get you there.

Here are some of the big things he can sort out for you...

Protect your lifestyle

A personalised protection plan can help protect your assets, lifestyle and loved ones.

Basically, think about protection against premature death, disability, critical illness and loss of income due to injury or illness. A Wealth Market adviser can help you put in place the right protection, structured in the right way, and for the right cost.

Plan your estate properly

Smart estate planning is important to make sure your assets will be efficiently and tax effectively transferred to your beneficiaries. Robert Simpson will assist you with this and if required will work with your solicitor or put you in touch with one.

Super & retirement planning

It’s never too early or late to plan for retirement. Getting the right advice can make a big difference to your future. Robert Simpson will help you understand the amount of super and other savings you need and how to structure your retirement benefits. 

With Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) an adviser can help with investment strategies for property, income, retirement planning and for business owners.

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Don’t rely on luck. Robert Simpson can help you make informed decisions to achieve your investment goals. He will develop strategies to get you on track and provide access to professionally managed investment portfolios. He can also help optimise an existing portfolio and counsel you through difficult times.

Budgeting & savings

Robert Simpson can help you improve your ability to save, control cash flow, minimise tax, and be prepared for financial emergencies.

Aged Care

Planning care for ageing friends or family can be difficult. Allow Robert to help you understand the options available and organise your finances to secure the
level of care needed.

Managing your debt

A big part of creating wealth is actually managing debt. For instance, paying down debt can help you save for investments, assets, and trips to Disneyland.

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