Loan Market Brokers and Staff Help Feed 5000

This past Monday at OzHarvest’s annual Feeding the 5,000 in Martin Place in Sydney, several Loan Market mortgage brokers and corporate staff members helped feed 5000 members of the public to raise awareness about food waste.

The volunteers were split into two shifts that helped set up the event and promote it and those who helped serve food alongside other volunteers and VIP’s.

Loan Market NSW state manager Michael Karpathakis who was at the event for both the morning and afternoon shift said he was so proud to see so many brokers and staff members get behind the initiative which was part of Loan Market’s HOPE program.

Mr Karpathakis said the event was a real eye opener towards the issues around food waste and what can be done to reduce the amount of food waste both in Australia and Internationally.

“Oz Harvest is such a fantastic charity and this was a well organised and run event. It’s great to be able to help an organisation that is so passionate about an important cause,” he said.

The food at the event was from rescued ingredients that would otherwise have been wasted, such as fresh but cosmetically imperfect fruit and vegetables. On the menu were curries made from ‘mis-shapen’ and wonky vegetables that might have not made the supermarket shelves, lemonade made using leftover lemons, rescued bread and butter puddings, chapati, cheese and chutney.

Canberra based broker, Craig Butt flew in that morning specifically for the event and said that he was humbled just to be invited.

“As part of the HOPE program, Loan Market has given us the opportunity to get on board with some fantastic charities. When I found out about this event, I immediately put my hand up to help,” Mr Butt said.

Loan Market Sydney-based brokers Denise Sisavanh-Chan, Leanne Sayer, Lee Banh, Megin Wilton, Alfred Buttarelli  and corporate staff members Joanne Church, Katie Barget and Paul Smith rounded out the other Loan Market attendees.

There were unconfirmed reports that one of these staff members spent 45 minutes dressed up in a Banana suit walking around Martin Place for photo ops.