Loan Market Study Tour - Melbourne October 2017

I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in Loan Market's October Study Tour to Melbourne where we spent the first day at the Loan Market Go head office, going over their policy niche's, how to get loans approved quicker, a run down of their NEW online electronic document signing and also did a floor walk where we got to meat the teams that approve all the loans we submit.

It was a great experience to see how things progress along with the flow and process that a loan application goes through on the floor.

The following day was visits to two of the top performing Loan Market brokers to see how their office is structured, getting ideas on how to do things a little different and make the workflow easier. Also what was great is that both brokers opened up their business completely to us, basically nothing was off limits and to see how they operated a high volume broker office was awesome and I have taken a lot of ideas away to help build our business and help us grow. Ideas on how to structure our business for growth and processes that will assist that growth in the future were priceless.

I can't be more grateful to the brokers that opened their doors and spent the time out of their business to go through things with us and also the support from Loan Market to organise such an event. I'm looking forward to be able to implement the ideas that I have taken away from the event.