Loan Market Victoria untap Ray White opportunities

Loan Market Victoria have launched dedicated “insights” sessions to enable and inspire brokers to partner with Ray White real estate agents.

The initiative, which kicks off on 23 September 2015, is designed to equip brokers with knowledge and tools to enable referral partnerships with Ray White through hearing from the experiences of agents and brokers who have successfully done so.

Loan Market Victoria state director, Andrea McNaughton said the sessions are the first step in untapping the vast pool of referral opportunities that exist within Ray White.

“Joining Loan Market doesn’t guarantee an instant referral partnership with a Ray White office. Our brokers work hard for these opportunities. That’s why we are introducing these training sessions; to support our brokers and provide a foundation for success,” Andrea said.

With a commitment delivering real business outcomes for Victorian brokers, Andrea is the former CEO of Ray White Victoria and joined Loan Market with a determination to increase integration between the two businesses.

“When it works, these business partnerships are very successful. Our productive offices see year on year growth in conversions. In fact, when a Loan Market broker teams with a Ray White office, they finance an average of 18 per cent of all deals within that office - that’s 2,700 settlements every year and it’s just the average - many do much better,” Andrea explained.

The first “how to work with agents” insights day features guest speakers across both organisations and will share key business strategies, tools and learnings that have been implemented in successful Ray White and Loan Market partnerships.

The sessions are open to existing Loan Market franchisees as well as prospective brokers who are considering joining Group.

Email to reserve your place.