Looking to refinance?

Carla is a savvy investor, with at least one rental property in her portfolio.  Like many landlords, COVID-19 lockdowns meant she had to reduce her rent to keep her tenants. Consequently, the reduction in rental income meant Carla had to explore solutions to protect her investment income.

Carla sort out the expertise of her local mortgage broker, Justin Purll to better understand the possibilities for saving money on her mortgage. By refinancing her loan, Justin found savings of $5,000 in the first year and to top it off, a $2,500 rebate (talk about savings!). It didn’t stop there, Justin and Carla also worked on her budgeting to make her balance sheet better for the long haul! 

More often than not, refinancing is put into the too hard basket. Even thinking about it can make your head hurt. But with a broker like Justin on your side, you too could find some significant savings to put more money back in your pocket.