Murder on the Road

As I drive around to appointments and meetings nowadays, the car radio just doesn’t entertain like it used to. The drivel that comes out of commercial radio is just padding for the continual stream of adverts necessary to fund the ‘stars’ wages, whilst talk-back and sports related programs endlessly hash and rehash the same stories to an ever less interested audience.

Solution ? Podcasts ! Since getting hooked on audiobooks when I got my first Walkman (yes I’m that old) through download sites like Audible, the evolution of this media has been incredibly satisfying and entertaining, if not educational.

Currently the phenomena sweeping the internet is a program called SERIAL, where an actual 15 year old murder case is being dissected to see if the initial verdict was correct. In its eighth episode, the podcast has the distinction of being the fastest podcast to date, to hit 5 million downloads, in this case a mere eight weeks. Believe me the way the facts are spun and delivered to us on a weekly basis makes for gripping listening, especially knowing the case is real. Has the perpetrator been incorrectly incarcerated or has he gotten his just punishment will take another couple of weeks to determine. Meanwhile many websites devoted to all aspects of this thrilling case are springing up. The question now is, with all this interest, if the accused is really innocent, will whoever is still out there have a continuing chance to avoid justice.