New-to-industry broker brings new business model to broking

A new-to-industry broker has revealed his plans to create a business that gives back, contributing 10 per cent of every deal to a charitable foundation.

Lee Wisniewski began his career in July when he joined Loan Market’s Accelerated Mentoring Programme. By September he was writing loans full time and to date, he’s already lodged more than $8 million in home loans.

“I was actually on holiday in New Zealand when my first loan came through. It was a stressful situation but I got the $200,000 loan approved and that’s really how it began.

“When I came back to Australia I started working full time and now I’m working 18 hours a day,” Lee said.

As his career in mortgage broking started to take flight, Lee knew the type of business he wanted to build and developed a model to serve the community in two ways: help people into homes and aid those less fortunate through charity work.

“I want my business to empower others to make positive change. I’ve always looked for opportunities to give back and when I joined Loan Market I never wanted my business to be solely about making myself money, that’s why I’ve designed a model that will not only provide a holistic service to my customers but also contribute to the greater good,” Lee explains.

Lee’s business ethos is a product of his life experience and, as he shares, one life changing moment.

“All my life I had bad habits because I didn’t know any better. It wasn’t until I was in my mid 20s that things changed.

“I was 25 when I got this headache that wouldn’t go away. I went to a doctor and he asked me if I was stressed at work - I was working in car finance at the time and had been very stressed, so we put it down to that; I bought some nurofen plus and went about my day.

“Four days later the headache was still there and it was excruciating. I decided to take a day off work and see another doctor for a second opinion. This doctor sent me for a scan and found that I had a brain hemorrhage - I was about 24 hours from death.

“I went into emergency surgery and they saved my life. What followed was months of recovery and it wasn’t until I was well again that I realised things had to change; since then I’ve changed my lifestyle and my career and it’s all for the better.”

Still in the development stage, Lee will begin with building his Loan Market business and eventually expand to incorporate all the services a person will need when buying a property, providing a one-stop-shop for his clients.

The foundation, which is also under development, will receive 10 per cent of every transaction.