Newcastle-Hunter Population to Grow

Every day we see more and more development in the Newcastle and Hunter region and with the forecasted population growth it is hard to see when this will subside.

A recent message from Regional Development Australia shows that Newcastle and the Hunter must prepare for the population to hit 1 million by 2050. The story was published by the Newcastle Herald and written by Damon Cronshaw and Michelle Harris on the 1st November.

The good news is the regional development Hunter chief said "the region was brimming with opportunities".

Lake Macquarie mayor Jodie Harrison, who heads the region’s most populated council area, said an increasing population was a key reason why the planned Glendale transport interchange was so important. An example of council trying to stay ahead of the growth and demand that will be placed on our infrastructure.

Lobbying is occurring to fund improved roads, public transport and facilities such as broadband to cope with the expected growth. More land will need to be released and/or greater highrise developments approved to house the increasing population. Planning for the future is now a necessity not a luxury.

Most centres are expected to have population increases well over 20 per-cent in the coming years. This population growth will no doubt translate into greater demand for housing.