No here, yes there

Application declines are on the rise. I can't remember a time where access to credit has been as hard as it is now. Part of this is lenders have taken the ability for their assessor's to make decisions and having to rely on meeting ALL criteria to the letter with no exceptions regardless how minor. 

This doesn't mean you can't get money. It could simply mean the lender you have approached doesn't have the appetite to lend to someone of your calibre right now, they're looking to fill their books with a different type of consumer. It could also be that you've presented yourself or the person lodging an application on your behalf has done so in a less that perfect light and a simple alteration may be all that is needed.

Things like defaults, past bankruptcy, not meeting income requirements are all typical reasons for loan declines. Not one of them is impossible to get around provided you are in good shape to borrow. Most lenders will accept paid defaults provided the reasoning makes sense. Not wanting to pay a phone bill isn't going to cut it. Losing your job, illness, change of address are common reasons people get defaults and a lot of times they are quite easy to have removed from your file but if they can't be removed the right lender will overlook them and focus on your current situation.

Maternity leave is one that is becoming more and more common. There's an extended period where one person is off work and there is no income for them. When calculating your borrowing power it is harshly affected. Provided you're returning to work and can get confirmation from your employer you will be returning with an exact date of return this is acceptable and the full income upon return to work can be considered when calculating your borrowing power.